Our History

The recipe for our sauce has been passed from father to son for 5 generations.

This final product has been perfected over the last 15 years, in the farm kitchen, so that the slow pro‍‍‍cess and unique flavour, is not lost with modern impatience. The recipe was found in the diary of R.A. Fletcher – mapmaker of Rhodesia, 1898.

Our Process

We use the finest home grown chilli, a blend of African Birds Eye and the famous‍‍‍ Cayenne Pepper. We gather lemons from the communal lands of Zimbabwe, organic and naturally grown trees, each homestead usually having a lemon tree…

The chilli is hot-smoked over rare English Oak chips, and allowed to cool, and then smoked for a second time… lending the unique, and sweet smoky overtones that have made our sauce so popular.

The chilli, lemon juice and spices are poured into blown glass flagons. These 30 litre flagons, are placed in the hot African sun for up to 60 days. Each flagon gently stirred twice a day, encouraging the flavours to meld into a smooth and aromatic flavour, versatile for for all food types. Batch made with Pride.